Hyperwebenable.com is a next generation blogging service which provides complete domain to the blog rather than sub domain. Folks at HyperWebEnable believe that bloggers should not be restricted by the service provider. Its a new player in the blogging service compared to other blog services. Below is a brief Q and A of services that HyperWebEnable provides. Read on….

1. Does hyperwebenable.com really provides complete domain like (myblogname.com) ?
Ans. Yes it provides complete domain like myblogname.com to the users unlike the other blog providers like blogspot and wordpress which provide only sub-domains to their users .

2. Is the services under hyperwebenable.com is completely free or they have any hidden fees?
Ans: All the services under hyperwebenable.com are completely free like domain name,hosting email and other services they provide. You never have to give any payment details to them.

3. Does hyperwebenable.com charge users for renewal of the my domain after one year?
Ans: No hyperwebenable.com will never charge user for the renewal of your website.

4. Is hyperwebenable.com risk free?
Ans: Since you are not giving any of you personal details or payment information for the services they provide; I wouldn’t be really scared or think if there is any risk associated by signing up for this services.

5. Will hyperwebenable.com will allow me to pay for the website from them and move to another hosting after some time?
Ans: No hyperwebenable.com will not sell the website or hosting after some time. Since your domain is registered by HyperWebEnable, you might not be able to move the domain name to another hosting company.

6. How hyperwebenable.com gets money from the service?
Ans: Hyperwebenable put 2 banner ads of their choice in the website provided by them. They make up for their expenses based on revenue generated by these ads.

7. How can hyperwebenable.com provides services free? There is something I am missing?
Ans: Well, I am not sure on how they do it. All I can say is, that there is nothing catchy about their services, they are pretty straight forward.

8. Can I leave the hyperwebenable.com service at any time?
Ans: Yes, absolutely. You can leave the hyperwebenable.com service at any time, if you not satisfied.

9. I love to blog in CMS scripts like joomla or drupal will hyperwebenable.com provides it?
Ans : Yes, HyperWebEnable is not restricted to wordpress for experienced bloggers it provides joomla or drupal or any other open source scripts. HyperWebEnable provides options to install various scripts like forum,CMS image hosting an other scripts of your choice.

10. I want FTP details for my blog will hyperwebenable.com provides it?
Ans: Yes hyperwebenable.com provides FTP details to you so that you can have full control of your blog.

11. What kind of bloggers does HyperWebEnable usually accept?
Ans: You blog should get 100 visits per day. If you are not a regular blogger or don’t make 100 visits per day, then you might not fit in for HyperWebEnable.

Please let me know if you have any futher question. I will be happy to answer them to best of my knowledge. Untill then, blog on bloggers…….


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